What is CoE?

The Fujitsu & OpenSky Center of Excellence offers a myriad of solutions to the requirements of the Latin American RunMyProcess partners and clients, with the goal of creating opportunities for continual improvement. We offer advice and solutions throughout the entirety of your time with us, including: before acquiring the service, during the creation of the business processes and after the business processes are implemented.

The CoE is the perfect mix between experience in technology and business in all kinds industries and companies. We ensure the alignment between our ideas and prioritize them within our projects.

Our professional team is trained in Business Process Management (BPM) and, along with our expert tech team, are equipped to assist you in the definition of your business models. Therefore you can accurately assess the cost and effort estimates from the beginning of your project until it is fully executed.

Our team is highly prepared to support you in all the phases of your project, such as:

• Analysis of the As-IS processes.
• Modeling the processes in RMP.
• Implementation of business rules for the process in RMP.
• Creation and development of the web interfaces.
• Tests and execution.
• Maintenance and support for your processes.
• Improvement of your TO-BE processes.

Some of the benefits for our partners and clients are:

• Working with experienced consultants in BPM and RMP.
• Access to DEMOS, templates and connectors developed by the CoE.
• Staying up to date with new RMP functionalities.
• Access to best practices and success cases regarding RMP projects